Sunday, November 29, 2009

More Stuff My Husband Says 3

I've been spending a lot of down time around the house picking up the various books we have on tables and bookshelves and nightstands about pregnancy and birth and early childhood development. I often dip into them haphazardly, pulling out tidbits about what causes stretch marks, about how big our baby should be by now, about postures and ways to breath during labor. Every so often, I'll come across something that involves the birthing woman's "partner" and the role they play during the birth.

As I peer up over the edge of a book at my husband, I'll often ask "Do you think you can do this during labor?" Sometimes I'll show him an awkward-looking posture that involves him holding up most of my weight while the baby is born. Sometimes it's something simpler, like wiping my brow. Other times we'll be lying in bed together or hugging each other in the dining room and he'll be rubbing my back or my arm or my belly. "Do you think you can do this during labor?" I'll ask. Or he'll rub my shoulders while I'm seated at the computer. "Do you think you can do this during labor?" It has become something of a mantra. Fortunately, most of the time, the answer is yes -- other than the one time I asked if he'd be able to pick up my entire (large) pregnant body off the floor and heft me into a supported squat should this be required. He wasn't so sure his back would take such a maneuver and I'm still hoping that I don't require such assistance.

My husband has a big final due on Tuesday and he's been spending a lot of time in front of the computer, typing away with shoulders hunched over the keyboard. This evening, I stood behind him and rubbed his shoulders, working out some of the tension in his upper back. "Ahh....." he sighed. "That feels really good."

His sighs stopped for a moment before he asked, "Do you think you can do this in labor?"

He says that when the doula comes over after labor starts, he wants her to find me rubbing his back, giving him water and snacks while he rotates his hips on the birth ball just so he can tell her: "The information that you gave us is SO helpful. I feel great!"

I am left wondering: at what stage of labor is my husband's sense of humor going to make me want to hit him?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

And the winner is....!

Tara M.!

Congratulations, you've just won the first Lars and Addie Blog Giveaway with a surprise prize!

The prize is....

(drum roll please)

... a felted soap of your choice.

Blog Readers, read until the end of this post for a special one-time offer for you loyal followers!

Why Felted Soap?

- It looks beautiful!

- No washcloth required.

- Exfoliate as you cleanse.

- Keep it dry between uses, and it will last longer than an unfelted soap.

- The wool will shrink as you use it. You’ll be left with a deliciously scented piece of wool that you can stash in a drawer to keep your clothes smelling lovely.

Lars and Addie felted soaps are lovingly felted using pure, soft merino wool in a variety of colors and designs. I felt soaps from Lusa Organics in a variety of scents.

Here are the ones you can choose from:.

The first is the blue, light pink, and deep pink marble in Tofani, which is warm soap scented with Vetiver and Patchouli. (value $10)

The next is a pale blue green Lullaby soap with the outline of a winter tree needle felted on to the front of the soap. Lullaby is a relaxing combination of lavender and chamomile. (value $12)

Third, is a yellow, green, and purple pastel marble felted over Gitchigumee, which is an invigorating combination of eucalyptus and mint. (value $10)

Next is a light blue soap with white snowflakes needle felted onto the front. This soap comes in Lullaby, which is lavender and chamomile. (value $12)

Last is a dark purple and light purple felted soap on a rope in the Sweet Soul Sister scent which is an uplifting combination of Tangerine and Peppermint, perfect for a morning pick me up. The rope allows you to hang the soap over a shampoo bottle or shower handle for quick and easy drying between uses. A dry soap is a longer lasting soap! (value $12)

For those of you who read the blog or participated in the giveaway, many thanks for your enthusiasm! If you're interested in any of the soaps listed here, I'm offering FREE SHIPPING for blog readers only on these soaps! This will be available on a first come, first served basis (after Tara picks her prize, of course) until Monday, November 18th. Just send me your desires and address to larsandaddie at gmail dot com.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

First Lars and Addie Giveaway: How well do you know your handmade?

Welcome to my first giveaway! What's in it for you? The chance to win a surprising new Lars and Addie product. I'm introducing a new line of products that I've dropped a few clues about over the past few weeks here on my blog. You will receive one of these items (you'll be able to choose from a few) valued at $10-$12. You can enter up to three times:

1. Leave a comment on this post. (But, shhhhhh... don't leave a comment about what the new product will be.)
2. Become a follower. (Followers will be automatically signed up for this and future giveaways.)
3. Send me an e-mail at larsandaddie [at] gmail [dot] com with your guess as to what this new product line is going to be. Hint: check back over old blog posts for hints about supplies I've been stocking up on lately.

Enter before next Tuesday November 10th!

If you're super curious, you live in the Twin Cities area, and you want to get a jump on the competition, visit Lars and Addie at the Oakwood Bazaar this weekend where I'll be selling these new items.

Friday, November 6th 3 pm- 8 pm
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Make sure that either your profile includes a way to get in touch with you or check back here next Wednesday (Nov 11th) to see if you won!

Good luck to all and check back for more future giveaways!