Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Etsy Sellers: Make a Light Box! Go! Now!

After one too many cloudy days or late evenings meant I had to put off shooting items for my etsy site, I finally relented and decided to make myself a light box. I followed the directions from the strobist blog. Two afternoons later (I ran out of "scrounged" up tissue paper), I had a light box.

So far, it's so good. In fact, it's awesome to have. I don't have to wait for sunny days to take photographs and it looks like I'll spend less time editing in photoshop. The first pictures turned out pretty well.  (I used the wide angle lens for the first few just 'cause that's what was on my camera at the time.) 

I switched to the macros lens for the next two shots. 

Other than resizing to make it easier to download here, I didn't edit these photos at all. I still have to get at least one and maybe two more desk lamps so that I can have the option of  having light on one (as on this picture where you can see the shadows under the sachet), two, or three (to create that "floating" effect) sides.  I'm also really looking forward to playing around with different backgrounds.

I had to make this one pretty big so that I can shoot my bags, but I think I'm going to make another smaller one and remove the bottom of the box so that I can shoot on different surfaces. I'll post here once I make that one. 

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technicolor_dreamers said...

i've always wondered how to do that, thanks :]