Friday, August 21, 2009

Pardon the absence, but the beach comes before bloggin

Sorry for the long silence. I was busy doing this:

Which is to say, posing for photos with my family on the front steps of beach houses. Not really. Mostly we were:

Hanging out with family at the beach house. (Lest you feel like you might nee to call child protective services, that's a mosquito bite over Addie's eye.)

Picking (and eating) A LOT of Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab. We are probably mostly responsible for the decline in the population. Sorry, crab lovers. (Also, turns out that sitting in a chair picking crab for three hours is NOT a great activity for a pregnant lady's feet.)

Laughing with our siblings. (Most likely at the expense of another sibling.)

Hanging out in the water.

And learning to boogie board (and how to dodge jelly fish).

Taking lessons on how to make a train whistle sound from Granny.

"Reading" on the beach. (And, yes, Ladies, he's single.)

Trying to look glamorous in the sand.

Lying around with siblings (and looking wistful).

And spending a lot of time "upseedown."

I spent a good portion of each day enjoying being buoyant in the salt water and eating ice cream.

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