Friday, April 2, 2010

A scene from "More Things My Husband Says"

Late winter. Eric, the tall, dark-haired husband sits in a cushy red rocking chair next to a sunny window. The newborn baby resting on his shoulder, nuzzles his neck. His wife sits on the edge of the bed.

Eric [laughing]: It feels so funny when she roots around on my neck, looking for a nipple.

Wife [distracted]: Mm-hmmm....

Eric: What if she finds one?

Wife [attentive]: What?

Eric: What if she finds a nipple on my neck?

Wife: You're so weird.

Eric [concerned]: What am I going to do?

Wife: You're so weird.

And scene.

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Kate said...

hmmm that IS a concern. Maybe there's a support group for that?