Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Step by Step

No, those aren't new shoes. In fact, I've had them for many years. These shoes are like an old person's car -- a lot of years, but not a lot of miles. This is because I'm not a runner.... yet.

But two weeks ago I started a six-week training program that ends with running for thirty minutes. I got this program here on the Women's Health website. The program is really gradual -- mostly walking so far -- which is just what I need. In previous attempts to become a runner, I'd go out and try to run twenty or thirty minutes right off the bat. It would kick my butt. This slow build-up will hopefully condition me so that the final thirty minutes isn't such a big deal.

So far, it's been, well, easy. Yesterday I was kind of dreading going to the gym. We had a huge blizzard this weekend, so I wasn't able to get into the gym on Sunday. For me, missing a day or two becomes an excuse to miss a few more days and then stopping my routine altogether. As I was scraping the ice off my car, I thought, "Maybe the end of two weeks is where I always hit a wall." I got to the Y and checked my iPod (where I have the regimen set up in my iCal) and saw that I only had to run in one-minute increments. I could do this! It was as if the Women's Health program knew that I needed an easy day at the beginning of week three so that I wouldn't dread the run/ walk. Lesson of the day: it's mostly psychological.


Andrea said...

I am on week 3 of the same running program from Woman's Health. I'm glad that you pushed yourself and didn't give up. :) I 100% believe that it is mostly psychological. I have had a few days that would have been easy for me to skip the running, but I just thought about me actually being one of those people I pass in my car that are out running and it keeps me on track ;) I hope that you post how you feel after the 6 weeks are up, I'll keep my eye out for it!

Rhena said...


I'm so glad you found my blog! Great idea for keeping up the pace. And check back because I'll definitely be posting more about my running experiences.

All best!