Monday, November 10, 2008

Halloween -- a little late.

I spent a good week working on my nephews' costumes this year, so I figure that even though it's late, they deserve at least a little time on the world wide web. (I had nothing to do with the creepy giraffe trainer costume on Mike in the back.)

I also didn't have anything to do with making this giraffe costume.

The hours of work, aching back, and bleeding fingertips were totally worth it when Des first tried on his costume, checked it out in the mirror, and declared, "I look just like a real knight!"

It was surprisingly hard to get Gus to do a Power Ranger fighting pose given that it's his standard MO when the cameras are off.

The kids joined a neighborhood parade -- they were waiting for it here:

Our trusty knight finally takes care of the creepy guy (aka the giraffe trainer) who'd been following us all evening. I wish I could take responsibility for the sweet, sweet cape that Sir Desi is wearing but that was a gift from Granny from many Christmases ago. A shiny, sparkly Liberace-inspired cape offers hours and hours of entertainment -- and the kids like it too.


Lesley of Banana Pants Clothes said...

My eight year old brother was a knight for Halloween too.

His outfit was a little less sophisticated though - jeans and a gray sweatshirt paired with a "helmet" made from a cardboard box with tin foil all over it. Hehe. I'm still waiting to see pictures.

I've made his costumes in the past, but I didn't even offer this year. He never decided until last minute what he wanted to be, and it's too hard for me to make his costume in time for it to be shipped 800 miles away before Halloween. :)

The kids look great. You did an awesome job!

Rhena said...

Thanks, Lesley! What a funny coincidence about both of them wanting to be knights -- must be hot with the grade school set right now.

I had to ship my nephew's one year -- that was a mad scramble! (Much easier to be sewing hems as they head off for the parade than as I pack them up at the USPS.)

I'm hoping that they'll want to start taking more control over their costumes in the coming years 'cause I don't know if I can pull off three (plus my husband's inevitable last minute needs)!