Thursday, December 11, 2008

Annual Trip to the Grain Elevator

Every Thanksgiving weekend for the last few years, my sister and her family have come out to my in-laws place for lunch and a visit to the farm (and to play video games-- these kids are so deprived that they have to ride in a car for two hours to touch a game controller). The annual trip includes the feat of climbing the end-of-harvest pile of corn...

... and run-sliding back down. Gus is basically an advertisement for "Fun." Next year we have to remember to bring sleds.

Ads spent most of her time picking up and handing out kernels of corn.

The soy beans were still drying, so they just climbed up the smaller pile.

Soybeans are like little ball bearings so they're even more slippery.

The kids were nearly as tired as Bailey -- who spent most of her day being "loved" by a little 17 month old.

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