Monday, December 8, 2008

No Coast Redux and Giveaway

I break promises sometimes. Last week I said I would post more No Coast items and I didn't. I failed. Excuses are for politicians caught in compromising positions in seedy motel rooms and airport bathrooms but, honestly, I pretty much spent every waking (and some non waking) hour sewing last week.

My fingers didn't bleed, but my sewing machine did become possessed. On no less than two occasions, the machine started sewing on its own accord while I was on the opposite side of the room. And on one occasion, sister Laura and husband Eric were in the room, so we know it wasn't a craft-induced hallucination or wishful thinking that my bags would start sewing themselves. I think my machine was staging some sort of half-hearted protest.

No Coast ruled. Thanks to all who stopped by my table and to Laura, Eric, and Jess for manning (or "womanning") the table at various points during the two days. Doing craft fairs is awesome. It's fun just to talk to people and get feedback and to get out in the world after a long period of being holed up in the sewing room. The ideas for the next one are already flowing. Watch this space for updates.

I'll be adding more items to etsy this week. Here's a sneak preview.
Lastly, a give away to lure some of you lurkers into the light of day. Sign up for the Lars and Addie newsletter and enter to win a $40 gift certificate to Lars and Addie on-line. Forty bucks is enough to buy a Lars and Addie scarf, which I'll post both here and in my shop. I promise. Sign up by either leaving your e-mail address in a comment on this blog or (for those shy lurkers) send it in an e-mail to larsandaddie at gmail dot com by Wednesday, December 17. (If you already signed up at my table, you've already done your duty.)

The newsletter will be sent to your e-mail address and will include updates on sales, give aways, and other Lars and Addie related info. I won't clog your inbox. The newsletter will be sent out not more than once a month. I promise.

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