Thursday, May 15, 2008

Introducing the Green Machine!

Bikes in Minneapolis are like dandelions on your new lawn, a little sun and they start popping up everywhere.

Last summer I used my sister's bike. She was about a million months pregnant and so her bike would have sat unused in their garage. This summer, I decided that I had to get my own. So off to the new Sunrise Cyclery location I went. They had an absurd selection of two-wheeled vehicles in their shop. Unfortunately, many were there for repairs. After digging around a bit with shop owner, Jamie, I set my sights on the Green Machine, a three-speed Sears road bike. Try to not be jealous.

After a quick test ride and tune-up, I was on my way. It's a little clackety right now, but it should get better with a little riding and maybe a little oil. There's nothing better than getting back on a bike after a long winter. Like my at-the-time six year nephew Desi said last summer, "I forgot how much fun it is to ride a bike. It feels like flying!"

A few more pics of my woman powered flying machine:


Anonymous said...

i love your new bike!

Rhena said...

Thanks, craftychica. I have no helmet and no lock, so it hasn't gotten much riding yet... but soon, soon!