Wednesday, May 28, 2008

When you scrape wallpaper, you scrape alone

We got tons done at the house this weekend, thanks to many family members. My sister came over to scrape wallpaper in the hallway on Saturday, risking exposure to lead dust. Not to worry, we wet scraped and weren't gouging the paint under the wallpaper. We mostly used DIF, but when I ran out, I started just using water and water with TSP (trisodium phosphate) and it worked fine. Maybe it's because the wallpaper was old, but I'm starting to think that the makers of DIF add some chemically scent to water and call it wallpaper remover.

On Sunday, Eric's family came down to: install the washer dryer (which we bought at the appliance sale that's going on in the Education Building at the State Fair grounds for another week or so for anyone who doesn't mind a little scratch and dent), fix most of our electrical problems on the first floor, plant herbs and zinnias, clean the windows and the garage, pull off wallpaper, scratch paint off garage windows, generally offer wisdom and support, and remove the awnings from the front of the house.

That's Eric's dad disappearing under the awning. Our house looks much cleaner and fresher without that awning.

We got only momentarily sidetracked on Sunday when my sister's family dropped by. How could you not be distracted by these three:

Gus, the four year old, actually took this picture of Des hanging on the railing.

Something like 90% of pictures I have of Gus involve him eating some sort of sweet.

Laura bought Addie her first doll. Or as Eric's mom, Lu, said, Laura bought a doll for herself. Addie wasn't really impressed.

After having two boys, the quest to turn her into a girly-girl continues.

Addie was alternately enthralled by and afraid of Bailey, the perfect toddler-sized dog.

I spent most of the weekend scraping wallpaper. Just when we thought we were done, we found out that the front hallway was also covered in wallpaper covered in paint. Fortunately, my sister and my husband were available to lend a hand -- family are the only people you could actually ask to help with certain tasks.

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