Friday, May 9, 2008

We're closing. Psyche.

We drove all the way out to Maple Grove (... or, actually, I think it might have been Maple Wood, I'm not sure) this morning, check in hand, all dressed up for a closing. After sitting in the closing office for two and a half hours, we found out that we can't close and we can't move in until Wednesday. Turns out the sellers want to check to go to their mother so that they don't have to pay the taxes. They didn't figure out that in order to have a check written to her, the deed needs to be in her name. Which it wasn't. Sucks.

They were less than agreeable to us moving in this weekend before we close even though we were assured that they would be ready to close on Wednesday. It's funny how as the buyer, you have to put down this "earnest money," but when the seller delays the closing (and drags you out to MAPLE FREAKING WOOD to do it), there's little to no accountability.

The picture above is of how we felt this afternoon. We're holding up the digital programmable thermostat that our agent gave us as a closing gift. In addition to getting that installed and getting our vegetable garden started, we were hoping to start on pulling down some wood paneling this weekend. No what are we going to do all weekend?

I will repost the post below on Wednesday.

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