Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Best Etsy Sale Ever.

What with the house and the upcoming construction on our second floor, the old man and I have found ourselves in communication with and in the offices of various loan/ mortgage type people. I had been e-mailing back and forth for a while with one women who worked in an office that we were hoping would give us some money. Or at least loan us some money.

Finally, after much paperwork passed through the intertubes between us, we were prepared to close. The Friday before the closing, the woman in the office e-mailed me and asked if the cupcake bag in my etsy shop had sold yet. Turns out, she'd clicked on the link that's in my signature and spied the bag.

I brought it with us to our loan closing where she told me she'd bought it for her cousin who was about to graduate from culinary school and was going to become a pastry chef. The bag was a perfect match for her cupcake tattoo. It's so freakin' cool when you know that your handycrafts are going to end up in a nice home.

Know the power of the e-mail signature.


Marie said...

well done :-)

Ashley said...

Awesome! I will def. be adding my link to my email sig.

the b-line said...

Ha! I have my link in my signature as well. I guess maybe I'll start emailing people more often...! Congrats!
the b-line

Rhena said...

Yes, use the e-mail signature. It's easier than handing out business cards -- and you know there are people out there who click on every link that comes into their inbox! (I'm probably one of them.)

wwbd said...

So exciting!! I wasn't sure how successful my e-mail signature was in getting people to look in my shop but I got together with some girlfriends I don't see that often and they're up to date about what's in my shop so I guess it works! Congratulations to you that bag is adorable!


Lia said...

Great story. Thanks for sharing.