Tuesday, July 1, 2008

How Do You Like Me Now?

Sorry for the aggressive sounding title of this entry, but I'm just really stoked that Lars and Addie got featured on , Indie Fixx, a really cool blog about indie crafts and handmade goods maintained by Jen Wallace. So if you found your way here from Indie Fixx, high fives all around. If you haven't visited Indie Fixx yet, get going.

Unfortunately, with the house move and totally unanticipated sales at the etsy shop, my stock is somewhat depleted. Fortunately, many new bags are already in the works and will be available next week! Here, lucky blog readers, is a rare glimpse at some of the fabrics that are featured in and inspire the new bags.
Rare glimpse indeed. Yes. There are skulls rattling around.

I'm also working on some new felted projects. Here's the body of a felted bag that's going to be similar to the Green Poppy Bag pictured above -- only machine and needle felted. That's right. Felted. Yes. Felted.

This picture also show us what our bags do when we're not home: stare out the window longingly.

Visit the shop next week for some entirely new bags with new design updates as well as some reworks of some old favorites!

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