Friday, August 8, 2008

Feature Friday: Wonder Thunder

My husband and I have gotten pretty good about bringing our own bags to the grocery store. The first thing I learned how to do when I started to learn how to sew was to make large tote bags. I sort of went on a bit of a rampage making them, so we have three large, sturdy totes made from upholstery fabric in patterns that do not offend my husband's masculinity too much.

So even though we were stemming the flow of large plastic bags coming into our home, we were building up quite a collection of plastic produce bags -- those thin, filmy numbers that aren't that useful (we don't have a dog).

I went on a mission to find some reusable produce bags. The Green Store here in Minneapolis was sold out of their bags, which was fortunate because one day when I was "pouncing" on etsy (pouncing is a feature that allows to see recently listed or sold items randomly), I came across some really cute pink produce bags from Wonder Thunder.

I ordered some -- and for $12 for a set of three in different sizes (sorry -- only two of my three were available for the photo shoot), I think they were a steal (handmade AND silkscreened with a cloud pattern AND machine washable).

They're not see-through, which means the cashier needs to peek into them when ringing you up (or else you need to do the whole PLU sticker thing), but they haven't been bothered by that. Some will ask what the tare is, which is great -- but at .75 oz for the big one, it's sort of negligible. My husband says he sometimes gets funny looks -- but I think that's because the pink offends some people's sense of masculinity.


Jamie Ferraioli said...

ooh, I never even thought about the plastic produce bags! hmm..interesting.

Rhena said...

Jamie... I know, and the nice thing about these bags is that they're machine washable so that you don't have to do the whole awkward washing of bags in the sink and then drying them all over your kitchen.

Also, Wonder Thunder dropped me a line and mentioned that they have lots of other colors these days... some of which are decidedly more "masculine."