Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New Ideas = New Stuff on Etsy

Do you ever just take for granted that there's one way to do something and then when you figure out a new, different way to do it, it's a completely life-changing event?

I figured out a new way to sew the quilted coasters that I make for my etsy shop. I used to battle and fight my sewing machine and just thought that was how life was. Turns out, life doesn't have to be that way! I made the tiniest change to how I make them and now I know that we don't have to wake up every morning and yell and shout at our sewing machines while they tear at our seams. I hope everyone plans to drink lots of sweaty beverages on unvarnished wood surfaces, 'cause I'm gonna be makin' a lot of coasters.

I will, perhaps, one day post the tutorial that changed my life, but for the time being I'll post pictures of coasters, which you can also check out here.


Travel Turtle said...

I love your coasters! Love, love, love them. I'm glad you found a way to make it easier on you.

I was recently looking around my house, cleaning my living room. I put some coaster sets I have on different tables and noticed... I have a LOT of coasters. I think, without realizing it, that I love coasters. I don't even really use them, I just like having them. I will have to make sure my husband knows about your coasters for the holidays.

Rhena said...

Turtle, Thanks for the shout out. The funny thing is that we have only a few coasters... but we still haven't unpacked even those from months and months ago. Looks like I'll have to make some for our house!

PS Love your website!