Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Willy Wonka Might Be My Secret Gardener

Last week, I took a bag of freshly-harvested grape tomatoes from my garden to my sister's house.
The next night, I got a phone call and my sister's name came up on the receiver.

"Hello?" I answered.


"Hello!" I repeated


"Hi?" I intoned.

Finally I heard breathing followed by a few giggles.

"Who is this?"

"Gus," replied the four year old voice.

"What are you doing?"

"We just wanted to call so say thank you for the delicious tomatoes. My mom wants to talk to you."

Gus is a sugar fiend. Unfortunately, this means that he loves to eat candy and cookies and store-bought baked goods. Fortunately, this also means that he readily eats lots and lots of fruit and sometimes even sweet vegetables.

When my sister got on the phone, she told me that they'd been eating the tomatoes. After Gus had popped his first one in his mouth, he exclaimed, "They taste like lollipops!" Highest praise from the sweet connoisseur.


Pam said...

Gorgeous tomatoes! How do you keep them from the squirrels?

Rhena said...

Pam - I love all the pics on your blog! I'm going to have to visit to get some good quilting mojo.

We staked chicken wire around our garden and I think that keeps the squirrels away.

I DO still see them around quite a bit (although not in the garden) so maybe we have such a huge crop of tomatoes that even the squirrels can't keep up!

Estela said...

those look so delicious! yummm

Rhena said...

Thanks estela... they are little summer flavor nuggets! Wish I could transport them out via the internets.